Here are a couple of my favorites from last Thursday session.

AYO K's debut album Arrows will be coming out soon!

Dux Motus


©Dorsett Photography 2011

Cal Cooper

Cal Cooper
Dux Motus
©Dorsett Photography 2011

Bridal Portrait: Candace

Here she is the winner of our free bridal sitting. Candace was a pleasure to photograph. Isn't she lovely!

Candace is wearing a beautiful dress from Priscilla's of Boston


Kellie and I attended a great PUG (pictage user group) meeting tonight. It was a presentation on networking with vendors. Shari Zellers was our host and presenter. We got a lot of great information and look forward to networking more with our vendors.

Thanks again Shari!


March Madness!

Welcome to March Madness!

Madness because we are tired of the cold & rain!

Spring is near and we are daydreaming of when we will finally be able to take outdoor portraits among the flowers and when the trees will have leaves again.

No beating around the bush. Let’s get to this month’s giveaway. The winner is

Candace Langston

Congratulations Candace! You’ve won a free bridal portrait sitting. We will email you shortly to set up your appointment.

Look out for our May newsletter where we will be giving away a free family portrait sitting. You’re probably wondering how do I enter these giveaways. You do nothing! We will draw a name and let you know if you’ve won. Wanna get in on the action? Sign up for our newsletter! click here!

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule your own portrait sitting.

Warmest Regards,

Amy Herr & Kellie Dorsett

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Wrangling cats, um I mean babies

One year olds can crawl and they know it!

You know what's harder to photograph than one 12 month old? Two.

Two of my favorites from my shoot with the Petty & Weaver families.

Photography by Amy Herr for Dorsett Photography

How to confuse a 6 month old

Put him in an adorable sweater on an abnormally warm November day, then sit him in front of my camera and tell him to smile. :)

We did get him to smile for me.


Joy & Sandy get married!

Here are a few of our favorites. Please visit our website to see more photos www.kelliedorsett.com

~ Amy & Kellie

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Here's this month's newsletter:

Happy Valentine's Month!

Hope you and your sweetie are keeping warm on these chilly nights. Thanks to all our new subscribers. We hope you enjoy reading our monthly-ish newsletter as much as we enjoy writing it.

This year is booking up, we just booked another date in September! Fall is a popular time of year for our southern climate, so don’t forget to book your photogs early! :)

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-March-free bridal sitting

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Amy Herr & Kellie Dorsett

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